About Us

Company Culture

Passion, Team Work, Value Creation, Professionalism, Efficiency, Responsibility, Integrity, Perseverance, Sharing


To provide quality and affordable product and service to every printer in the world. 


EcooGraphix delivers world class quality product and customer service. We conduct business with partners and customers based on pillars of value, trust, integrity. We are leaders of innovative solutions and strive to continuously add value to our stakeholders. We have a social responsibility to the partners, people and environment we work with. Customers success is our destiny. 

Core Value

We guarantee customer satisfaction

EcooGraphix is committed to customer satisfaction with quality product, cost savings, and seamless service. We deeply look into customers needs and meet their requirements by professionalism and care. We focus on long term and comprehensive loyal partnership with each customer. 

We focus on quality and affordable product and solution

By throughly analyzing  customer needs and requirements, EcooGraphix supply best suitable product and solution with maximum cost savings. All products and solutions are backed with our warranty service. 

We innovate to create solutions

EcooGraphix is committed to innovation and technological advancement, which serves as the fuel to our continuous improvement. Our innovation initiatives enhances the scale, agility, efficiency, customer satisfaction and overall value and competitive advantage of the organization. 

We Value our people

Our people are our most valuable resource. We are committed to provide continuous development to our people, both personally and professionally. We wish to enrich their lives, so in turn they may enrich lives of other people. 

We Value relationship 

We value relationship as one of most integral assets an organization can develop. We are dedicated to build relationships with all stakeholders by providing value first; on the underpinnings of trust, integrity and mutual benefits.

We Share value

We cherish partnership with all stakeholders. We strive to create value to our customers, to our people, to our suppliers and all stakeholders. We share the value and benefits with our stakeholders. 

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