Finishing Equipments


1、Complete design, accurate installation, high stability, high security, low noise.

2、High strength gripper, advanced gripper device can apply all kinds of corrugated paper. Positioning device ensure the cutting precision.

3、Worm, worm gear and special designed crankshaft connecting device is linked by bearing bush, reduce the movement clearance, avoid impact between worm and worm gear. Run steadily, high cutting pressure. It has a function of high point pressure hold. Worm gear is made of high wear-resisting aluminum bronze, it has long durability.  

4、Non-stop feeding and delivery device can shorten the auxiliary time, improve the efficiency.

5、Adopt advance cam mechanism, pressure adjusting device, pneumatic die locking, pneumatic sampling, overload protection device. Adopt imported high precision chain, imported pneumatic clutch.

6、Adopt manual-automatic feeding method (automatic feeder and manual), apply secondary positioning device, reduce the requirement about paper. Keep worker’s hand far away from the cutting section, guarantee the safety.

7、Pneumatic die locking mechanism makes changing of die, makeready more convenient, die frame fix firmer, more accurate, time saving.

8、Programmable controller and man-machine interface. Digital display the working speed, processing umber, total running time. The display of trouble makes trouble shooting more convenient. Automatic control and real time monitor feeding, cutting and delivery parts, cooperate with the safety device in each part. Make the operation more reliable, machine adjustment and trouble shooting more convenient.

9、High precision intermittent mechanism, high cutting precision, running steadily.

10、Automatic paper delivery, arranging device makes delivery more convenient and neat.

11、Floating function of cutting die plate make inserting and pulling out the plate more convenient

12、Double sheet, crooked sheet, empty sheet optoelectronic detecting device, ensure the paper in the right position, reduce waste.

13、Electronic control module design, adopt imported electronic components, ensure the accuracy and reliability.

14、Cycling cooling oil supply system ensure the movement parts get adequately lubricated to ensure the durability.

15、Imported pneumatic clutch, joint and withdraw conveniently, with small brake angle, it can transmit high torque.

16、Front and rear cutting pressure can be adjust separately, manual wheel makes it convenient.

17、Adopt fixed quantity at fixed timing oil supply system, ensure the movement parts get adequately lubricated to let better durability.

18、3 waste stripping frames work together, human-friendly design, easy to install and uninstall the waste stripping plate.

19、Automatic waste stripping device can remove the waste easily.


Main technical parameters

Automatic Die Cutting Machine



Max. Sheet size(mm)

 1500 x 1100

Min. Sheet size(mm)

440 x 470

Max. Die cutting size(mm)

1490 x 1090

Die frame inner size(mm)

1540 x 1100

Cutting plate size(mm)

1500 x 1100

Die cutting accuracy(mm) 




Max.machine speed(s/h)


Delivery pile height(mm)


Pre-stacking height(mm)


Stock range

Cardboard:0.2-2 mm  corrugated paper: 8 mm


18.5 KW


L+pre-stacking x W+ platformx H 

7700(+2000) x2600(+2200) x 2250


19 T

Die Cutting and Foil Stamping Machine


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